About Tora

TORA - Excellent Quality, Long Lasting Affection!

TORA incorporates with sophisticated bathroom and kitchen design from since 1998. We have more than 3,000 Bathroom and Kitchen Accessories under our wings. At TORA, we provide world-class standard products for our customers, giving excellent quality products that has long lasting lifespan usage.

TORA are manufactured and recognized by worldwide quality control standard; using the latest state of art technology, tested and inspected; to ensure every TORA product to have the finest and long lasting performance. In order to deliver the best quality products, TORA has been keeping up with emerging trends to diverse customers’ needs and wants. We constantly research and produce innovative n stylish products using the latest advancement in high technology processes and machinery. TORA also ensures product usability and functionality at a reasonable and affordable price.

TORA strives to ensure customers achieve full satisfaction with our services as well. We would hope that anyone could afford to have quality products at home, enjoying the best of life on feeling home. Customer satisfaction in our product and services is our top priority; that our dedicated teams of employees are always available to accommodate and satisfy customers’ need and wants.