Intelligent (I-Sink) Series

TORA I-SINK, also known as the "Intelligent-SInk" allows you to do all your cookery chores within the sink. With the release of I-Sink, we solve almost any discomfort and dissactifaction of you faced during your cookery. I-Sink comeas with both Single and Double Bowl Stainless Steel Kitchen Sink.
I-Sink is designed to fits into many space and corner of your kitchen. With features of waste disposer container, drainer with accessories such as chopping board, dish drying basket and knife holder, providing one-stop-solution of your cookery. Thus, TORA I-SINK goes with the design solution for upgrading your lifestyle, multiple compartments available for multi-tasking with excellent grids and functions.
TORA I-Sink Series Kitchen Sink F6045 / TR-KS-SB-00075-ST
L600 x W450 x D230
Product Code: F6045 / TR-KS-SB-00075-ST
TORA I-Sink Series Kitchen Sink DB233 / TR-KS-DB-00076-ST
L1010 x W500 x D230
Product Code: DB233 / TR-KS-DB-00076-ST
TORA I-Sink Series Kitchen Sink SB231 / TR-KS-SB-00077-ST
L850 x W500 x D235
Product Code: SB231 / TR-KS-SB-00077-ST
TORA I-Sink Series Kitchen Sink DB9946 / TR-KS-DB-03929-ST
L995 x W460 x D250
Product Code: DB9946 / TR-KS-DB-03929-ST
TORA I-Sink Series Kitchen Sink SB230-S / TR-KS-SB-04465-ST
L760 x W440 x D225
Product Code: SB230-S / TR-KS-SB-04465-ST