TORA Steam Room TR-SSR-STR-09947-WW

TORA  Steam Room TR-SSR-STR-09947-WW
Product Code: TR-SSR-STR-09947-WW
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Corner Steam Room C/W Rain shower 
Colour: Transparent Glass/White Acrylic 
Material: Aluminium and Tempered Glass 
Size: L920 x W920 x H2210mm 
 Control system 
 Adjustable Temperature 
 FM Radio 
 CD Connection 
 Telephone Receiver 
 Steam Bath 
 Ozone 
 Top Light 
 Wall Lamp 
 Cold and Hot Water Inlet 
 Cold and Hot Top Shower 
 Acupuncture Nozzles 
 Movable shower 
;Exhaust fan 
 Voltage: 210~240V 
 Total Power: 3KW

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